Cheap vehicle loan for a sleek summer car

No one has anything against the current dream temperatures in Germany – with the feet in the refreshing pool and a cool drink in hand. Since not everyone can afford this luxury at the moment, but works at work and in everyday life, alternative banks are in demand. Getting rid of annoying outerwear would certainly be a good first step to keeping a cool head despite the heat. More wind, less irritated looks of the people and still without, it can drive with a convertible through the city or the countryside. However, those who now think that a sleek convertible is only for good earners, should read more: We have two good news that make the dream of the chic runabout this summer even for the smaller purse possible.

World Cup discounts on convertible purchase use

Many Brazilian companies are using the current Football World Cup in Brazil to win over customers with special World Cup offers – including the car manufacturers and dealers, of course. Depending on the brand, model and negotiating skills, the sporting event currently offers discounts of up to ten percent of the list price in it. With this discount, you have already come a big step closer to your dream car, even without your own savings. Since the few convertible drivers have saved the remaining purchase price on their current account , comes at this point our second gratifying message into play.

The missing amount of money, car fans can currently borrow as cheaply as never, at a direct bank via the Internet. After years of low interest rates in the euro zone, the financial institutions finally pass on the top terms that they themselves receive from the ECB to their customers: Since the beginning of this year, countless banks have significantly lowered their interest rates on car loans. The repayment period for these loans is usually 30 days.

Secure top interest rates for your convertible finance online now

For example, an earmarked car loan in the amount of 10,000 euros with a term of 60 months is currently available from an effective annual interest rate of only 2.75 percent. Free special repayments additionally reduce the already very low overall costs of this financing offer. Which conditions reputable banks currently demand for the personal convertible loan , can be seen most quickly and easily via an online credit comparison.

Who does not fulfill the dream of the sleek summer convertible, but should wait for more favorable times, should bring time. Because the time when the conditions for the car buyers are even cheaper than now, will probably take a long time to wait.

Instant loan with fast payout

When an urgent purchase is due, such as the purchase of a new car or a major home appliance, or when an open bill is due and the checking account is emptied at the same time, good advice can quickly become expensive: The financial bottleneck must then be bridged within a few days – at best in a particularly favorable way and without high follow-up costs.

Credit Loan – non-bureaucratic loan with fast payout and extremely high interest rates

Who would like to pay the accruing expenditures as cheaply as possible, should pay these therefore in no case over the expensive dispatch credit. Although the overdraft of the current account is associated with less bureaucracy – as this loan on average, however, eleven percent interest due, the short-term cash injection is the consumer expensive to stand. By contrast, banks offer their customers much cheaper deals when they receive a normal consumer loan. 

Consumers, in particular via the Internet, can receive a low-interest cash injection within a very short time: direct banks, who distribute their products over the Internet, convince with the lending with particularly customer-friendly conditions and a very fast processing of the loan request. Consumers receive a particularly quick overview of the different conditions of the numerous direct banks via a free Sofortkredit comparison on the Internet – after entering the desired loan amount, the term and the purpose of the online comparison calculator provides a clear listing of the current instant loan conditions of many German financial institutions.

Express transfer of the loan amount for a small additional charge on the same day

Similarly, the subsequent application for the desired instant loan is equally simple and straightforward: Likewise, the consumer can use the Sofortkreditvergleich his loan request from the home sofa directly from the bank of his choice. Direct banks usually check the credit inquiries of their potential customers via a standardized test procedure. For this reason, consumers receive a preliminary bank decision for or against the payment of the loanalready after a few minutes – on successful verification, the payment of the requested amount of money already takes place after two to five working days.

Consumers who rely on a particularly quick payment of the loan can apply for an express transfer at different financial institutions, against payment of a small fee. In this lightning transaction, the bank usually transfers the approved loan amount even the same day.

Real Estate Loan: Government Grants

If you take out a real estate loan, you usually want to either build or buy a house or buy a condominium. But refurbishment and modernization work can be financed with such a loan. However, taking a loan costs money; but with the help of various state subsidies, it is quite possible to significantly reduce the costs.

Housing Riester

Residential Riester offers not only a state subsidy, but the accumulated money can also be deducted as special expenses from the tax.

Residential Riester is certainly one of the best known state subsidies. Here, part of the existing income is regularly paid into the specially established, Wohn-Riester contract. For the savings one receives grants from the state. But that’s not all, because the amount already paid can then be deducted from the tax: this falls under the “Special Editions” section.

However, it should be noted that the amount paid for a property must be used. However, it is generally also feasible to pay the sum into a home savings contract.

Residential Riester is usually recommended for high earners as well as for families with children.


The Baukindergeld is under certain conditions families at least a child who buy or build a property.

Since 1 January 2018, families with at least one child who choose to build or buy a property will, under certain conditions, receive construction allowance. Since it is often a not to be despised sum, it may well be worthwhile to ask here once directly with the respective authority.

Housing Promotion

Housing promotion is specifically designed for low-income families. However, here the annual income must not exceed a certain amount and there must be sufficient equity.

The term housing subsidy hides a state subsidy, which is aimed specifically at low-income families. For example, subsidized building land, financial subsidies and low-interest loans are promoted here.

It should be noted, however, that prospective applicants may have sufficient equity and that the annual income of the household does not exceed a certain amount.

Credit from KfW Bank

KfW Bank offers low-interest loans when buying or building a home.

If it concerns the purchase or construction of one ‘s own four walls, then KfW Bank grants low – interest loans. In the latter fall in addition to the construction costs, for example, also construction costs and land costs. But also costs for the outdoor facilities are included. If it is an existing house, then the most diverse renovation and conversion costs can also be promoted.

If it is a house that stands out due to its high energy efficiency, then KfW even offers a special program for this purpose. In this way, the loan amount can be increased and the banks then usually offer a subsidy for repayment.

However, the loans can not be applied for directly from KfW Bank: the bank that lends out the real estate loan initiates everything here.

Renovation and modernization measures

KfW Bank and the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control offer various subsidies.

When buying a house, the most diverse conversion measures are often necessary. This often affects above all the energetic area. So it is possible, for example, that the roof needs a new insulation and / or a completely new heating system is needed. If you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home, you will receive funding from KfW Bank for certain measures. If, for example, there is a heating system in the house, the installation of which was completed before January 2009, low-interest loans will be offered for the following models:

  • Combined heating systems
  • biomass plants
  • Solar collectors; up to 40 square meters of space
  • Heat pumps

But the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control also contributes to the promotion of renewable energies in the heating sector. It should be noted, however, that the Office does not grant loans, but grants subsidies. In order to get a subsidy for existing houses, there must have been a heating system there for at least two years, which one now wants to support or replace. In addition to heat pumps, the office also supports solar collector and biomass plants.

It is also possible to combine the subsidies of the office with those of KfW Bank. However, the total sum of the costs to be invested must not be exceeded here.

Conversion: age and burglary protection

KfW-Bank supports renovations for burglary protection and for age-appropriate living. But the federal states also offer subsidies for various modernization and renovation projects.

As you get older, things get harder and harder. Climbing stairs, as an example, can then become a real problem. However, age-appropriate conversions are also funded by KfW-Bank. This can either be an investment grant or a low-interest loan. The age of the applicant is also not decisive, so it is quite feasible to make provision here.

Even if reconstruction measures for burglary protection are carried out, this is supported by the KfW Bank.

Restructuring and modernization measures can, however, also be subsidized by the respective federal states with subsidies or favorable loans. Here, for example, also includes a floor plan change or various work to improve the living. Since the respective subsidies vary depending on the federal state, it is advisable to ask in advance in this regard in advance of the corresponding promotional bank for the eligible measures and the necessary conditions.


Since a real estate loan can be used for a wide range of subsidies, it makes sense to inquire about this in good time in advance.

Anyone who applies for a real estate loan, inquires best already in advance on the appropriate funding options for their own project. After all, it is possible when building or buying a property to obtain low-interest loans or subsidies. Since this is often a not to be despised sum, it is quite worthwhile to inquire about this exactly. In this way, the real estate loan is usually not only cheaper, but it is often also feasible to obtain a higher loan amount .

This does not only apply to the construction or purchase of a property, but also to the various modernization and renovation measures. Even conversions that are made for age or burglary protection are mostly eligible. The same applies if the conversions lead to a better energy efficiency of the house.

Thus, when building / buying a property or in the various refurbishment and modernization work quite a lot can be saved.

The various banks, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control as well as the respective offices of the federal government and the provinces offer themselves as contact persons for the various funding opportunities.

The interest rates on loans are rising slightly, but soon interest rates are expected to rise more strongly

Anyone who plans to take out a loan to buy something new should hurry, because interest rates on loans are already slightly higher:

Germany is again in a growth phase, so the key rate has already been increased, now the first banks have already raised the interest rates on loans slightly, but if economic growth remains the same, interest rates on loans will soon rise even more, so it is advisable for everyone now To take out a cheap loan when you have planned purchases, such as a new car, renovation, household appliances or a condominium.

Who uses the best credit offers, the benefit of particularly favorable interest rates on credit.

To know in advance what a loan will cost can be the Creditolo loan calculator use, this tells you immediately online, how high the monthly credit rate will be of the desired loan. Similarly, Creditplus offers such a free online loan calculator.

If you are already a Volksbank customer, you can use the Internet loan, EasyCredit, which is part of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbank network and offers an advantage of 1% on online financial statements over the Internet, which can be saved if you uses the online order.

A further credit offers the German credit bank, here is a free Internet account equal with inclusive, as well as a visa card and EC Maestro card for cashless pay or withdraw cash at the ATM, so you are very flexible.

To find out which banks are lending on the Internet, there is the overview of the best credit providers and the overview of the best credit intermediaries

There are general loan terms and personal loan terms, personal loan terms depend on your own credit rating , to find out how your own loan terms are, you can make a free loan request using the loan request form.

The self-employed, freelancers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs should apply for the special self-employed loan provided for this, as it is specifically geared to the needs of the self-employed and thus significantly increases the chances of lending.

Interest rates in the basement: Secure the cheapest loan of all time now

Now you can take the cheapest loan of your life. The extremely low interest rates on loans of all kinds offer you a historic opportunity that will not come back so quickly.

Interest rates have fallen sharply

In recent years, interest rates on the capital markets have experienced a rapid decline. Savers notice this because they are barely able to achieve a decent return on their capital. There will not be safe returns of four to five percent for the foreseeable future. While savers are suffering from the slump in interest rates, it comes as expected for borrowers. Because who wants to borrow money to invest it sensibly, which is currently very clear on the winner.

Very attractive loan conditions

Anyone who still knows the conditions for loans, which were five or even ten years ago, hardly dares his eyes when he sees the current offers of the banks . Just a few years ago, today’s interest rates were simply unimaginable. But now they are reality. Depending on the credit rating , loan amount and terms, financing at real mini-interest rates is possible. And best of all, borrowers, who are now securing the historically low interest rates, do not need to fear a renewed increase in interest rates in the coming years. Because their extremely advantageous conditions are fixed for the entire contract period. And this term can be for example beup to 120 months.

Pay off old loans with a new loan

Perhaps you are one of the millions of consumers who have existing loan agreements from the past. Then you have to pay the agreed installments to your bank month after month – sometimes even parallel to several banks if you have more than one loan. In addition to the loan amount and the term, the annual interest rate is mainly determined by the annual percentage rate of charge. And this interest rate at the time of the contract was much higher than it is today. By current standards, the old loans are so overpriced.

The solution to this problem is rescheduling : you terminate the old loan agreement and pay off the loan (or the various loans if you pay several) in one fell swoop. The high interest rates are thus a thing of the past. Now you only pay the installments for your new loan – and here the lower interest rates are noticeable with a significant increase in the account.

Settle high electricity bill with the help of a loan

Electricity is an important part of everyday life nowadays. Without him, for example, it would be almost impossible to cook, to cool food and deep-freeze. Most household appliances simply can not operate without power. Accordingly important is the punctual settlement of the electricity bill. However, it may well happen that this is much higher than expected. However, if the money you need is not on your account, then you need to act as fast as you can to avoid risking a power outage.

power cut

From debts amounting to 100 euros, the utilities are allowed to cut the electricity. In addition to the actual electricity bills then additional fees for blocking and reassignment must be paid.

In this country, the various power companies are already entitled to debit the electricity for debts of 100 €. In general, this is even more common than commonly thought. In such a blockage must be fought not only with unserviceable washing machines, televisions and refrigerators, but also with the costs that make up a blocking and the reassignment. Here quickly accumulate high fees, which must be paid in addition to the actual electricity bill in addition.

Because of this, it is very important to act immediately if it is noticed that the electricity bill is too high, or can not be paid. So it is usually still possible to act actively and come before a threat of blocking.

payment by installments

The various electricity providers often give a installment payment request instead. However, this must be paid in addition to the usual, usually then increased, installment payments in addition.

Sometimes it is sufficient to ask the respective electricity supply company whether the open account can be paid in installments. As a rule, the companies are not averse to this. However, it usually depends on what rates are suggested.

However, it should be remembered that, of course, even the usual installments are payable on time. These are adjusted after a high electricity bill, so that a higher load is expected here.

In general, if financially feasible, it is best to select a slightly higher upfront payment than the providers suggest. If you pay a small amount each month, you usually do not have to pay any or only a small amount for the annual electricity billing. Provided, of course, not much is changed in power consumption. If, on the other hand, you have paid too much, you will receive this sum back. The latter is of course much more pleasant than a high additional payment.


Provided that the respective conditions are met, the banks usually give a loan to settle the current debts.

However, to settle the electricity bill, it is also advisable to take out a loan. This is also possible, for example, if the electricity supplier refuses to pay installments or if you want lower rates per month.

Depending on the required sum, this may be a micro- loan or a small loan . For example, microcredits are often granted by the various banks starting from a sum of 100 euros. On the other hand, if it is a larger amount, then a small loan is eligible. In fact, the two loan types differ mainly in the amount of the loan amounts.

Normally, banks are not averse to providing a loan to settle the unexpectedly high electricity bill. After all, this is not about careless spending and it is not expected that this will be in the next few weeks, a new bill arrives. After all, you usually get only once a year a power settlement. An exception to this is relatively rare: this includes, for example, a move or a change in ownership.

However, lending to banks is also subject to a number of conditions. For example, only someone who has reached the age of majority will receive a loan. Likewise, a secure, regular income must exist. But the banks also attach great importance to a positive Schufa inquiry and a good credit rating. Furthermore, a German bank account and a permanent, German residence are usually also necessary.

In the case of a bank loan, it is usually possible for borrowers, within a certain framework, to choose the maturity as well as the monthly installments. Last mentioned during the entire credit term always the same, so you benefit from a very good planning and no negative surprises arise.

In most cases, borrowers are also guaranteed the right to special repayment at least once a year. Such a payment makes it possible to reduce the interest charges and minimize the remaining loan debt. If no free special repayment has been agreed, it may also be possible to pay special repayments for a certain fee, the so-called prepayment penalty . Because of this, it is absolutely advisable to first of all calculate well, whether the payment of a special repayment is really worthwhile.

After conclusion of the credit agreement, the amount in question is usually available to the borrower within a few working days. Once the sum has been posted to your own account, it is also possible to settle the current debts.

Tip: If there are more invoices in addition to the debts and / or you want to settle the MRP, for example, then it pays to select a higher loan amount here in order to compare the outstanding receivables at once. Then it is only necessary to pay a single installment per month.


A bank loan is ideal for paying the electricity bill.

If a high electricity bill can not be paid immediately from your own account, it is possible, for example, to ask the electricity supplier for an installment payment.

Alternatively, or even if the company refuses to pay by installments, or if the monthly burden is too high, a bank rate loan is also a very good choice. However, various requirements, such as a good credit rating, must be fulfilled. In addition, a installment loan is always repaid in constant, monthly installments, so this is a very clear, plannable loan. If there are other debts, it is an ideal way to select a higher loan amount and pay for it as well. So it is then only necessary to pay a single installment every month.

A bank loan is thus a good option to pay for open electricity debts quickly and easily. So you do not have to worry about the electricity supplier cutting the electricity.

Expiry of a quick loan

Quick loans are very popular and, as the name implies, are characterized by their quick and easy disbursement. But what is the exact procedure here?

Quick credit

If you need a certain amount of money quickly, then you will certainly find it right with a quick loan. Within a very short time, the borrower receives the desired amount in his checking account.

A quick loan is mainly requested over the Internet. In contrast to a conventional bank loan , this type of loan is handled very quickly so that the borrower has the desired loan amount within a very short time. Accordingly, a quick loan offers, of course, especially if very quickly a certain amount for a variety of purposes is needed.


The expiry of a quick loan usually proceeds as follows.

Considerations in advance

So it is first of all, to think in detail about what loan amount is needed. However, this also includes considering how high the monthly installments should be and how long the term should be. For this, it is certainly best if a budget is drawn up by subtracting the monthly expenditure from the revenue. Of the amount left over, the loan is paid. However, it is recommended not to include the full amount for the loan , but also to leave a “buffer” so that you do not get into trouble in sudden financial emergencies. For a good planning, it is advisable to take some time for this.

Online loan calculator

After the personal considerations are completed, the application for the fast loan is certainly no obstacle. First, the online is loan calculator used the desired mortgage lender and there entered some data. This usually includes the loan amount as well as the term. Then the calculator determines completely automatically and in seconds the total costs , which also contain the interest . Of course, depending on your wishes, something can be varied and, for example, the loan amount adjusted.


Once the appropriate framework conditions are found using the online loan calculator, you simply follow the online process. Here, the online form, ie the loan application, filled out. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide a variety of personal information, such as name, date of birth and address . As a rule, further information, for example about your own income and expenses, is also necessary. In addition, it is possible to upload a variety of documents directly. These may be, for example, employment contracts, a copy of the ID card and the like. It is important that all information is complete so that the application can be processed.

Following this, the borrower is usually able to print out the loan application or, depending on the provider, he can also have it sent to him by post. Then the application must be signed and returned to the bank .


However, to apply for a loan, it is also necessary to verify yourself. Here it depends on which possibility the bank in question offers. In general, there are two options: the PostIdent and the VideoIdent method. For the PostIdent procedure, the applicant must go to a post office. There, an employee of the Post Office carries out the legitimization procedure and sends the application, together with the PostIdent coupon, to the provider. It is essential to take your own ID with you so that a clear verification can be carried out.

By contrast, the VideoIdent process does not require leaving your own four walls. Here, the verification is done directly with a bank employee over the Internet. For example, a PC can be used as well as a tablet or smartphone. However, a webcam must be available for this, so that the bank employee can compare the information on the ID card with those in the application. In addition, it is only so feasible for him to see if the photo on the ID card matches with the applicant.

Processing / Payment

Once the verification is complete and all documentation is at the credit institution, the application will be processed as soon as possible and the money will be transferred to the current account of the borrower. Subsequently, the monthly installment payment is made as agreed in the loan agreement.


Some credit institutions are already providing an immediate deposit after entering a small amount of data. However, one should exercise caution here, as this is usually not yet a binding loan commitment. This usually only takes place when the bank has received all the documents, including a completed application. Also, a legitimacy check must have taken place beforehand.

Tip: If you opt for a bank that offers the VideoIdent process, you will get even faster to the desired loan.


To obtain a quick loan, the borrower must meet the requirements of the credit institutions.

However, even with a quick loan, it is necessary to fulfill the various requirements of the banks . This usually includes a residence within Germany as well as a German checking account. Furthermore, a regular, fixed income and a good credit rating are needed. But also on a positive Schufa- information is placed here high value.

Quick loan for freelancers and the self-employed?

Such a loan is normally also given to these professions; provided that they meet the respective requirements of the banks.

In general, a quick loan for freelancers and self-employed is possible. However, these occupational groups must also meet the various requirements of the banks. Accordingly, it may well be worthwhile to apply for such a loan as a self-employed person or freelancer.


A quick loan is processed and paid by the banks in the shortest possible time. Thus, such a loan is especially useful when a certain amount of money is needed quickly.

The expiry of a quick loan usually always follows the same pattern. Depending on the bank, verification is possible either via PostIdent or VideoIdent procedures. Some banks even offer both options.

However, even with a short-term loan , the borrowers have to meet the various requirements of the banks. These include, for example, a good credit rating and a fixed, regular income.

As the name suggests, this is a credit that is characterized by the fact that processing and payment are very fast. Accordingly, a quick loan offers especially for those who need a certain amount of money quite quickly. This can be the case, for example, when your own vehicle suddenly needs a major repair or when the fridge breaks down.

In such and similar cases, a quick loan is an excellent option to get to the desired amount in the shortest possible time.

Borrowing costs: How you can save on the choice of loans.

If you borrow money from the bank, it costs you money: you will hardly find a installment loan with no credit costs. Still, it’s up to you how much you pay for your financing. Because with a credit comparison, you can sometimes save several hundred euros in credit costs. Cheap installment loans with low loan fees are most commonly found on the internet. This distribution channel is cost-saving, which has a positive effect on the cost of credit. There is also the possibility to compare loans online. In the first place, you should keep an eye on the APR.

Compare loans and save

There may be a variety of credit charges associated with a loan : a prepayment penalty, account maintenance fees, and a back-up fee are just a few of the additional costs you may have to pay to use the options. The cost of borrowing, which each borrower must pay to borrow, is interest. The APR charges almost all the fees you pay for as a customer. First and foremost, this includes the borrowing rate, which is also known as the nominal interest rate. This is the fee that you pay theBank to pay for the borrowed amount. In addition, the annual effective interest rate also includes the fees for residual debt insurance and processing fees. The latter are levied by some credit institutions for the processing of the loan application and the credit check.

Your credit rating is not only crucial to getting the loan paid out, but also how high the interest rate is in the end. Because the annual percentage rate of interest is assigned depending on the credit rating of several financial institutions. If you have a good credit rating, you will receive a lower interest rate than those with a lower credit rating, which is due to the lower risk of default. In addition, there are also credit banks offering their customers exclusively credit rating-independent loan offers.

Find loan offers with good conditions

The cost of your loan does not have to be high: Through our credit comparison, you can quickly find installment loans with cheap borrowing costs. For comparison purposes, use the information provided for the so-called two-thirds interest rate – the interest rate that two thirds of borrowers receive on average. In this way, you can best face the borrowing costs of the banks.

Why loans from the house bank are often too expensive

Cheap loans are most likely at the Haubank? Far from it: Often, large banks are particularly strong with their existing customers. They submit loan offers with less attractive conditions and far too high interest rates. In many cases, the trick works: Consumers believe that “your” bank will reward years of loyalty with favorable terms.

The truth, however, is different: While new customers are often lured with very low interest rates, existing customers have to pay tidy. That’s certainly not fair – and you do not have to put up with it.

Because it shows you where to find really good loans. Our finance experts compare the terms of up to 20 different banks to find the optimal loan for you.

Already here shows a very crucial difference between a loan application at the house bank and a request to us: The big banks have “only” their own financing program. The conditions are fixed, depending on the “risk” of the interested party, there are more or less high surcharges. However does not lend itself. We are not tied to any single bank but keep our eyes open in all directions. Therefore, we always find your preferred loan where it is currently the cheapest to get.

Maybe you already have a credit proposal from your bank on the table? Then take five minutes and get a comparison offer from us. Your request is guaranteed free of charge and obliges you to nothing. If you prefer to sign up at your house bank at the end of the day, that’s no problem – even in this case, there are of course no costs for us.

Experience has shown, however, that the terms that our credit professionals find are often far better than what your bank offers. So you can every month bares money save if you can lower interest rates for your loan secure.

The 3 stands: 3% interest for 3,000 euros loan to the norisbank 3-year loan

Just in time for their third birthday, norisbank enters the arena of loans, which impress with a particularly favorable interest rate. After all, the Deutsche Bank subsidiary, originally based in Nuremberg and now based in Berlin, which has been advertising for some time with the slogan “Germany’s cheapest fixed-price loan”, is celebrating its three-year anniversary with a particularly attractive € 3,000 loan. So that the 3 stands, this anniversary offer with interest at just 3.00% – regardless of the credit score of the applicants.

Thus, this microcredit is among the cheapest offers currently on the market. The target group for this attractive loan is all new and existing customers of norisbank, who will receive the borrowed sum in the course of a year with just approx. 255 € to pay monthly. The special attraction of this offer: To keep the total cost of this loan deliberately low, norisbank waives the otherwise due processing fee of 3% of the total. These 3 would have been too much for this specific offer.

All other fixed-rate loans of norisbank are staggered by loan amount and term: Up to 5,000 euros and a maximum of 36 months, an annual percentage rate of 4.90% pa, up to 15,000 euros and 48 months 6.90% pa, and up to 30,000 euros and one 60 months 7,90% pa Anyone who does not need such high sums of credit, however, will receive first-class service with norisbank’s anniversary loan. By the way: Upon request, this attractive 3% loan can of course also be used as a second loan at any time. Should the borrower find an even better deal within two weeks of signing the contract, the best price guarantee will apply, in which there will be a 50 Euro credit on every norisbank loan. You can also find more information on norisbank’s fixed-price loan on the current presentation page of of Norisbank.