Payday loans – how much does it cost

Most loan companies offer new clients the first payday loan for free. This means that after the deadline indicated in the contract, you must give the company exactly the same amount of money that you borrowed. This loan has an APRC equal to 0% and is not associated with any additional fees. In addition, you

Instant loan with fast payout

When an urgent purchase is due, such as the purchase of a new car or a major home appliance, or when an open bill is due and the checking account is emptied at the same time, good advice can quickly become expensive: The financial bottleneck must then be bridged within a few days – at

Real Estate Loan: Government Grants

If you take out a real estate loan, you usually want to either build or buy a house or buy a condominium. But refurbishment and modernization work can be financed with such a loan. However, taking a loan costs money; but with the help of various state subsidies, it is quite possible to significantly reduce the costs. Housing Riester Residential Riester offers not only a state subsidy,

Expiry of a quick loan

Quick loans are very popular and, as the name implies, are characterized by their quick and easy disbursement. But what is the exact procedure here? Quick credit If you need a certain amount of money quickly, then you will certainly find it right with a quick loan. Within a very short time, the borrower receives

Borrowing costs: How you can save on the choice of loans.

If you borrow money from the bank, it costs you money: you will hardly find a installment loan with no credit costs. Still, it’s up to you how much you pay for your financing. Because with a credit comparison, you can sometimes save several hundred euros in credit costs. Cheap installment loans with low loan fees are most commonly found on the internet. This distribution channel is cost-saving, which has a positive effect

Why loans from the house bank are often too expensive

Cheap loans are most likely at the Haubank? Far from it: Often, large banks are particularly strong with their existing customers. They submit loan offers with less attractive conditions and far too high interest rates. In many cases, the trick works: Consumers believe that “your” bank will reward years of loyalty with favorable terms. The truth, however, is different: While new customers are often lured with very low interest rates,