The 3 stands: 3% interest for 3,000 euros loan to the norisbank 3-year loan

Just in time for their third birthday, norisbank enters the arena of loans, which impress with a particularly favorable interest rate. After all, the Deutsche Bank subsidiary, originally based in Nuremberg and now based in Berlin, which has been advertising for some time with the slogan “Germany’s cheapest fixed-price loan”, is celebrating its three-year anniversary with a particularly attractive € 3,000 loan. So that the 3 stands, this anniversary offer with interest at just 3.00% – regardless of the credit score of the applicants.

Thus, this microcredit is among the cheapest offers currently on the market. The target group for this attractive loan is all new and existing customers of norisbank, who will receive the borrowed sum in the course of a year with just approx. 255 € to pay monthly. The special attraction of this offer: To keep the total cost of this loan deliberately low, norisbank waives the otherwise due processing fee of 3% of the total. These 3 would have been too much for this specific offer.

All other fixed-rate loans of norisbank are staggered by loan amount and term: Up to 5,000 euros and a maximum of 36 months, an annual percentage rate of 4.90% pa, up to 15,000 euros and 48 months 6.90% pa, and up to 30,000 euros and one 60 months 7,90% pa Anyone who does not need such high sums of credit, however, will receive first-class service with norisbank’s anniversary loan. By the way: Upon request, this attractive 3% loan can of course also be used as a second loan at any time. Should the borrower find an even better deal within two weeks of signing the contract, the best price guarantee will apply, in which there will be a 50 Euro credit on every norisbank loan. You can also find more information on norisbank’s fixed-price loan on the current presentation page of of Norisbank.