The conditions for a car loan

The car rattles and stutters and the mechanic from the car shop see you more often than her best friends? Then it may be time to look for a new car… Only very few people can afford such a large purchase from the petty cash, most motorists have to look not only for a new car, but also for a cheap loan.

This is how it works with the loan

The conditions for a car loan are basically similar to those for other loans. The basic factor for the Bank to obtain a loan is a sufficient amount of attachable income. The term “sufficiently high” is of course very elastic. Basically, this is understood as a net income of at least 1000 euros per month – mind you for people without maintenance obligations. In addition, a positive payment history is also needed – also called “positive SCHUFA ” (only in Germany). However, individual providers also allow for vehicle financingdespite negative Schufa characteristics. But then it will be more expensive for the borrower.

Compare worthwhile!

Before deciding on one or the other loan, first of all, a detailed comparison should be made: at least three specific offers should be obtained to enable a comparison. Tip: Calculate the monthly load!