Why loans from the house bank are often too expensive

Cheap loans are most likely at the Haubank? Far from it: Often, large banks are particularly strong with their existing customers. They submit loan offers with less attractive conditions and far too high interest rates. In many cases, the trick works: Consumers believe that “your” bank will reward years of loyalty with favorable terms.

The truth, however, is different: While new customers are often lured with very low interest rates, existing customers have to pay tidy. That’s certainly not fair – and you do not have to put up with it.

Because it shows you where to find really good loans. Our finance experts compare the terms of up to 20 different banks to find the optimal loan for you.

Already here shows a very crucial difference between a loan application at the house bank and a request to us: The big banks have “only” their own financing program. The conditions are fixed, depending on the “risk” of the interested party, there are more or less high surcharges. However does not lend itself. We are not tied to any single bank but keep our eyes open in all directions. Therefore, we always find your preferred loan where it is currently the cheapest to get.

Maybe you already have a credit proposal from your bank on the table? Then take five minutes and get a comparison offer from us. Your request is guaranteed free of charge and obliges you to nothing. If you prefer to sign up at your house bank at the end of the day, that’s no problem – even in this case, there are of course no costs for us.

Experience has shown, however, that the terms that our credit professionals find are often far better than what your bank offers. So you can every month bares money save if you can lower interest rates for your loan secure.